Tips for Cooking perfect Fish Fried with some Easy Steps!

During the winter season usage of fish increase than the other season. Especially in Pakistan the demand of seafoods increased during the winter season which is very much helpful for keeping warm inside. Here is an exclusive tip for cooking perfect Fish Fried by following some easy steps that will be useful to you.

  1. First of all heat the cooking oil in a fry pan that should be very hot just before the fish is added.
  2. For checking the oil is hot enough, press the tip of wooden chopsticks to the bottom of the frying pan. It should crackle vigorously.
  3. To keep the temperature stable do not add too many pieces at once.
  4. When the edges of the fish change color then it is time to shift the fish with alternative. If the fish shifts easily, it is ready for turning.
  5. To handle with splash oil, first cover your hand and cover the pan with pan cover. There is also a special sieve-like cover with a handle that is perfect for preventing oil spatters from frying fish. If you cover the pan, note that the fish will cook faster.
  6. To minimize spattering oil, tap the fish dry with paper towel.

So now let’s move towards the kitchen and try these exclusive tips for cooking perfect Fish Fried and feel the taste of difference. has wide range of many others special sea foods recipes that are very easy and quick for cooking so lets enjoy this coldest winter season with some delicious taste of hottest sea foods Now.

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