Top 5 Mazaydar Chops Recipes!

Chops Recipes – Without Chops recipes Eid ul Azha feels like incomplete. Many of us love chop recipes and especially on Bakra eid days people make arrangements for Bar B.Q parties with their friends and families and considered to be the perfect way to celebrate Eid. Enjoyment rises up to the sky when you are with your family and loved ones on this special occasion and enjoying yummy foods. Usually Pakistanis are BBQ & Chops Lovers and eid is a special event for all to enjoy different foods parties.


Here are top 5 Mazaydar Chops Recipes with a blend of traditional and western ingredients that you can try on this Eid ul Adha and can make your occasion a bit more special and enjoyable.

Mutton Chops :
Mutton chops are going to give you unforgettable moments that no other can do. Try it and then believe. Make delicious chops with goat ribs and realize the taste of mutton at its best. offers a marvelous recipe for mutton chops.


Make it and tells us how was it?


Masala-e-Dar Chops :
Masala-e-Dar Chops Recipe is really yummy and little bit taste of food for this recipe you will need imagesyogurt, Spices, tomato, Onion, mint and Chop…etc especially green chili gives it good aroma and taste.

Recipe for Masala Dar Chops

Barbecue Foil Chops :
Barbecue Foil Chops Recipe in Urdu is really healthy and yummy traditional cooking recipe. It is very easy to prepare and gives you most scrumptious taste of Barbecue Chops.

Recipe for Barbecue Foil Chops

Lebnani Chop :
Lebnani chops make without using any spices that is the specialty of this recipe. There is the two main ingredients for this recipe are butter and cheese that really gives, unique taste among the other ordinary chops recipes.TandooriLambChops

Bihari Chops :
Bihari chops is the most loving and famous recipe in Pakistan and India. Although all bihari recipes have their own specialty and very famous like bihari kabab and others so why not try bihari chops recipe in this eid ul adha.

Recipe for Bihari Chops

Tandoori Chop :
There no need to say anything about tandoori recipe because all food lovers know that Tandoori recipes are very fine in taste. So try this Special Tandoori chops recipe and make your eid day special.

Here is the recipe:

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