Zaitoon ke Herat Angeez Fawaid !

Olive oil (Zaitoon) is very useful for pains, joints problem, skin diseases, hair treatment, personal care and oiling massage. It is used for cooking and healthiest purpose of life. We can make natural remedies in home from Olive oil. Olive oil also used in soaps, cosmetics pharmaceuticals products. It is used in fruits and vegetables salad. At least take two table spoon of olive oil daily. Olive oil has effective in fighting against skin diseases. It is rich in anti oxidants and vitamins. Here are some health benefits of Olive Oil.Zaiton_01 Zaiton_02Zaiton_03 Zaiton_04Zaiton_05Zaiton_06 Zaiton_07Zaiton_08 Zaiton_09Zaiton_10 Zaiton_11

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